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David A. Gustafson

Someone asks, who are you and why should I read your work? Well, my immediate thought is that no one really cares who I am. But my style conveys an easygoing voice which balances characters and descriptions. The plot provides something to think about and shows that a story can be interesting without an overreliance on gore, lust or violence. The Shrine of Arthis is about perseverance, selfsacrifice and forgiveness. Yes, it’s a little wholesome in nature, and written by an old fashioned guy. And though you should enjoy it even if you’re not a lover of epic fantasy, that’s the genre it fits. The earliest roots of “Shrine” go back to 1983, right after I graduated from Purdue with my engineering degree. It’s rooted in works that had an impact on me when I was young and needed places to escape as I struggled to cope with the world. Authors like Frank Herbert, Ursula Le Guin, Steven Donaldson, Robert Silverberg, and, of course, J.R.R. Tolkien, took me away and developed my inner love of science fiction and fantasy. For a long time now that has been my source of inspiration, and if you do choose to read my work, hopefully, a tiny bit of their genius will peak through and I will have succeeded!

So, why on earth did it take me so long to write this thing? Well, life got in the way. Along came the career I went to college for, plus raising three kids. Staying married for nearly thirty years and counting requires dedication. But a few years back I reached the point where I had time to step back. I rewrote everything and introduced my life experience along with an ever growing love of nature. I continued to work at my real job, but when I got home, I stayed away from the TV and concentrated on writing. When I ran into a mental block, I went for a long walk in the woods. After about a year the story had come together, the proofing and corrections were mostly done and I was ready. Writing is fun, but trying to get your writing published is the opposite. The silver lining is that during the years I’ve looked for an agent to represent me in the publishing world, the manuscript has been improved through the help of friends who’ve read it. Though no professional review or editing has occurred, I’m confident that the book does not lack for quality.

In conclusion, I must admit that I’ve been frustrated by the publishing process. But I think there’s an audience who will enjoy the world I’ve created and I’d like to try to get the story to them. Hopefully, they will be inspired and entertained, maybe even going the next step to help spread the word to
other readers. I wrote The Shrine of Arthis for myself, mostly. Of course, I’m hoping that likeminded lovers of fantasy will enjoy it.

And if anyone wonders, I feel that with a little encouragement the creative impulse that brought the book to life will be rekindled. For there’s a sequel in my head but I won’t be writing it for myself. Like the sea-longing Legolas suffered after he heard the song of gulls at Pelargir, I’ve a longing of my own. It takes me high into the mountains, places where my heart is stirred by the fresh wind, a distant vista and mountain goats looking down upon me from above!




Attended Culver Military Academy
Fall 1975 through graduation
Class of ’79, Company B
Bachelor of Science
Mechanical Engineerin g
Purdue University 1983
Board of Public Utilities - Jamestown, NY
Power Plant Supervisor, 1987 through 1999
Energy Resource Manager, 2000 to 2018
Creative writing, day dreaming, communing
with nature
Go where the wind blows and the view is

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